European E-Learning Institute

EUEI are passionate about developing and facilitating learning experiences that engage and motivate learners across Europe. They are pioneers in eLearning and blended learning solutions, with a team that has over two decades of experience in designing, delivering, and implementing online solutions (eLearning, blended learning, microlearning, and mobile learning). They foster a culture of innovation, respect and commitment in all of their international projects, and in doing so build long-term relationships, ensure quality resources and create strategic partnerships.

As expert pedagogic consultants, they offer a wide range of capabilities in crafting online and offline learning programmes on topics predominately based on entrepreneurship education, digital skills, inclusion, sustainability and pedagogic approaches for a wide range of sectors and industries.

Collaboration and peer learning form an important part of EUEI courses. They ensure learners can directly connect with educators and trainers who produce course content and are encouraged to join a peer learning platform where peer to peer discussion and sharing of learning experiences is nurtured. Their team at EUEI actively research new ways to spark inspiration, not just within our learners, but also in the way they create and deliver their educational resources.

Their team is made up of industry-leading, talented, collaborative cross-discipline experts.  EUEI’s team recognise the need to develop projects and educational resources that speak authentically to the individual needs of learners through high-quality, high impact and learner centric programmes, while also addressing the organisational drivers and stakeholders’ priorities.

  Country: Denmark

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