Award winning educators, Momentum specialise in problem-centered, technology-driven, competency-based training projects and programmes for the VET sector. They develop innovative curricula and educational strategies for many of Ireland’s top VET providers including Skillnets (of which 63 in Ireland), local enterprise offices (33 in Ireland), education and training councils (16 in Ireland), and county councils (26 county councils, 3 town councils and 2 county councils). They currently employ a team of 24 VET education, research and innovation staff and their educational reach is extended to over 5000 learners per year.

Since 2015, Momentum have been delivering education supports to drive training and innovation in digital skills across Ireland and Europe. Early adopters to the power and potential of online learning, MMS champion the use of technology for inclusive and accessible education. They are currently breaking ground in the realm of Education 4.0 to ensure education, in particular, VET meets the current demand for digital skills and competencies now and in the future. They recognise digital skills as key 21st Century skills with wide application across not just education but also entrepreneurship, leadership and as enablers of more resilient, sustainable, European economies.

Much of Momentum’s work in this space seeks to extend and develop VET educators’ competencies by designing and delivering capacity building programmes that have a transformative impact. They place great emphasis on the power of open innovation and collaboration within their wider VET education network to spur collective change in Ireland and across Europe. On a European level, they work with over 50 leading IVET and CVET education partners such as EfVET – European Forum for Vocational Education & Training.

As well as delivering training, Momentum are deeply involved in course curriculum and content development and have numerous new courses accredited or pending accreditation with QQI in the competence areas of education, enterprise, business development, entrepreneurship and innovation. This work is recognised as European best practice as evidenced by their recent European Enterprise Promotion Award.

  Country: Ireland

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